Window Washing | Atlas Window Washing | Overland Park, KS

cleaning windows above the front door

Do you need window washing? I can help!

If you would like to let in all the light and beauty when you look out that window then give me a call.

I will:

  • brush down the screens and then remove them.
  • wipe around the frame of the window to keep it functioning properly.
  • use pet friendly, pH balanced soaps to clean the window.
  • squeegee the window dry and then detail the outer edges to prevent runs and streaks.
  • double check the entire job for flaws and correct them so it’s perfect.

If I find any existing scratches, glazing issues, or vapor/condensation issues I will show them to you before I leave. This will give you a heads up on possible repairs/replacements that may be needed in the near future.

Here is what some of my past customers have to say about me:

He cleans all the windows in our store front inside and out and they’re perfect every time. We have neon borders around the inside of each window and I’m not sure how he gets the glass so clean without breaking the neon, I think it’s probably magic.

– Carrie S. | Champion Tattoo, Olathe


When he cleaned my front high windows and sliding glass doors that afternoon I was amazed! I could not believe the difference.

– Mary R. | Homeowner, Overland Park

What I Do

  1. Brush the screens.
  2. Wipe the frames.
  3. Use pet and plant friendly soaps.
  4. Pay attention to details.
  5. Double check all work.
  6. Provide 5-star quality service, guaranteed.
  7. Help you plan for future replacement & maintenance.

All window washing work comes with my 5-star quality service guarantee. You will be 100% satisfied with the results. If you aren’t then don’t pay me.

Let me write a no obligation quote for you today.

Click here to message me and I will come see you within 24hrs.