Will Gutter Cleaning Save Me Money?

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Gutter Cleaning Saves Money In The Long Run

If you do gutter cleaning, it can prevent several expensive and dangerous problems.

Cleaning your gutters can save you money by preventing these common problems. In winter time, gutters with clogs can cause ice dams. These can back up under your shingles and cause major damage to your roof. If a clogged gutter fills with heavy debris, it will start to pull away from the house. Then water damage will ruin your fascia boards. Gutters can even fall all the way off the house and damage property or hurt people. And above all, a clogged gutter is not doing its job: preventing water from going into your foundation.

When it comes to gutter cleaning, you have two options: do-it-yourself or hire a professional.

Gutter cleaning is one of our favorite services we offer. But any homeowner who is comfortable on a ladder could also get the job done. Be sure to look for any problems present, such as improper slope and water damaged fascia boards. If you hire a professional, ask them if they can take pictures of any problems they find. This will help you plan for any future work that’s needed.

How frequently should you clean your gutters?

Many people ask us how often they should have their gutters clean. Most homes with very few trees can function through a whole year. But the average home does have trees near the roof and requires a cleaning in the spring and the fall. If you have certain types of trees that are very productive for most of the year, you may even need 4 cleanings.

You can watch your gutters and tell if it is time to clean them. Watch for these common signs:

  • water crests over and splashes your clean and streak free windows
  • no rain comes out of downspout
  • leaves or sprouts are visible over the top edge
  • the gutter has peeling paint or orange rust powder
  • the gutter is separating from the fascia

Gutter Guards: Are they worth it?

In our next article we will be discussing the most popular gutter guard products. Some gutter guards can extend the time between cleanings. But we have yet to find a product that is 100% maintenance free. Always inspect your gutters, even if you have protection over them. Prevention is the best medicine. Contact us to get a camera inspection of your gutter system.

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