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gutter cleaning

Do you need gutter cleaning? I can help.

If you would like to quit worrying about all the rain overflowing into your flowerbed and yard then contact us now.

You will get:

  • all debris removed from your gutter
  • downspout clogs cleared
  • every last bit of junk flushed out

You will get before and after pictures too. When I am done, you will know that your gutter has been reset and it is working like the day it was installed. No more worrying about the next storm.

Here is what some of my past customers have to say about me:

Justin does great work no matter if it’s your windows (awesome) OR your gutters (double awesome). And he’s just knowledgeable in many “handy areas”.

Today he helped me with some loose shingles. I could not be more impressed. Super dude & great attention to detail.

Hire the “little guys” always.

– Brian T. | Homeowner, Overland Park


We called to have the gutters cleaned on our new house; by the end of the evening our down spouts were clear and running free of debris. Justin was great and I will be calling for my windows this spring.

– Susan H. | Homeowner, Lenexa

What I Do

After I write your no obligation quote and you approve the work, your service will begin:

  1. all debris removed from your gutter
  2. downspout clogs cleared
  3. every last bit of junk flushed out
  4. before and afters of the gutter photographed

All gutter cleaning services come with my “5-star Quality Service Guarantee”. You will be 100% satisfied with the results. If you aren’t then you don’t pay.

Let me write a no obligation quote for you today.

Click here to message me and I will come see you within 24hrs.