Gutter Cleaning Tools – What I Use

Does cleaning the gutter frustrate you?

If you are like most people, the thought of getting on a ladder and spending half of your Saturday cleaning out filth is not what you had in mind. Unless “lovely filth” is your job, like these guys:

But if you absolutely have to get it done, here are the tools I use to make it 400% faster.

First, you need a good ladder. Make sure it is fairly wide so you are stable even if you reach towards the sides.

Werner articulating ladder.

Second, get a good bucket that isn’t too big. I reccommend a 2-3 gallon bucket.

2 gallon bucket

Third, use an extension pole. This and the next tool are the two that increased the speed for me.

8 foot extension pole.

Fourth, is a gutter spoon. This thing is awesome! With an 8 foot pole, you will only need to move your ladder every 16 feet. Think about how many times you would have to place your ladder using just your 3 foot long arms.

gutter cleaning spoon

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